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Manager/Bookings - Michael Edward/Loner Noise -

Here Come The Cold Sweats - Out 17.07.20

Hello everyone. We're very happy to announce our new album 'Here Come The Cold Sweats'. It's out on the 17th of July and up for pre-order now. We've waited a long time for these songs to see the light of day, and we're extremely proud of them. We hope you like them. Have a nice day!

Here come the cold sweats...

New Single 'Rounding Error' Out Now!

Rounding Error is a sinister post punk outing from Elevant that touches on themes of dehumanisation, based off an incident where a friend of the band had a horrible experience trying to prove to the DWP that his mental health was too bad for him to work. It addresses the issues of people being reduced to their data in the modern age. LISTEN >>>