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Some rather amazing news has befallen us of late. I (Michael) have managed to get a place on a trade mission to the United States of America to meet with a plethora of music industry types, hopefully open some doors to the record label we've been running since the start of the band, Elevant Music Limited. As such, since things are hopefully about to get very interesting, I thought now would be a good time to tell the story of the label so far.

I formed it just a few months after Elevant formed, the plan being for it to be a vehicle allowing us independence, plus having a label lends you a certain clout. The first few months were very much a trial by fire as I quickly had to come to grips with booking tours for an unheard band, which is tantamount to working in a call centre, and the legal minefield of getting all the required contracts and certificates in place. I had from the good people at Ditto Music and Sonic PR, who've helped coordinate releases and press, and generally guided me at each turn. Both of Elevant's albums have since come out on EML.

Where things started getting interesting was upon going to the Sound City conference. Suddenly, from running a label from my front room, I'm talking with the head of music at CBS, the manager of Simple Minds, Savages and My Morning Jacket's booking agent, handing out my business cards, emblazoned Elevant Music Limited - Record Label, Michael Edward - CEO, and was treated with equal respect. I had the good fortune to talk to Viv Albertine of The Slits there and she gave me the sage advice and encouragement that "It's far more revolutionary to start a company and make something for yourself than it is to stand there scowling on stage in ripped jeans like we did in the seventies". The personal is very much political.

What'll happen in the future, who knows, but I know I'll be working my arse off as always, and that's a good thing.

by Michael.

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